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    Moving to Charlotte NCMoving starts with finding the right house and the right community. Not one or the other. So, before you start digging through hundreds of homes for sale in Charlotte, read what local real estate experts had to say about relocating to the area:

    A lot of people know Charlotte as the “Financial Hub of the South.” Back then the city housed a branch mint to forge the gold found in the Carolinas, but nowadays, it’s the home of many financial experts who move down from Wall Street and other financial hubs. It’s the reason why many banking institutions have decided to headquarter in Charlotte. Banking and finances has always been in Charlotte’s blood — but if the city’s slogan reveals any clue about our true nature, it’s that the city is multi-layered. We have more than just banks and great places to work. We have become a community where people can stay connected to their career while finding ample opportunity to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. For more information, click on any of the three resources below.

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    Charlotte, NC Real Estate

    Charlotte NC Real Estate

    Is the real estate market healthy in Charlotte? 

    Overall, the housing market is in good condition. If you’re looking to buy a home, you’ll find tons of properties at affordable rates. On average, the price for a 3 bedroom/3 bath home is around $170,000 (year-over-year). In addition, our data is showing that a lot of homeowners are willing to negotiate on their home’s price. They are either willing to pay for closing costs, throw in extra incentives like furniture, or simply reduce their price. This means you can easily find good deals during your home search. Also, buying a home this year will be a good investment, as values are expected to rise significantly. A 2% difference could mean thousands of dollars, so I would recommend acting now rather than later (to buy a home in Charlotte, NC).


    Where should I live in Charlotte?

    As the largest city in North Carolina, Charlotte has over 195 different neighborhoods that cater to a variety of tastes and needs. In Dilworth, Myers Park and Eastover, you’ll find Charlotte’s historic colonial-style homes situated along tree-lined streets. North Davidson, called NoDa, is Charlotte’s historic arts and entertainment district where you’ll find trendy art galleries and live music venues. Southeast Charlotte is lined with quiet golf communities and luxury homes on well-maintained properties. Overall, Charlotte’s real estate market is quite diverse, but you’ll find welcoming neighbors, good schools, and family-friendly activities in every neighborhood. If you have specific real estate needs, we suggest talking to us, so we can help you narrow down the right place to call home.

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    Charlotte Buy vs Rent

    Is it better to rent or buy in Charlotte, NC?

    In general, it is better to buy a home in Charlotte than rent. A low cost of living mixed with a healthy real estate market has made owning property a better investment for the time being. For the average priced home ($170,000), you’ll typically save 35% on buying instead of renting, which could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket. The only caveat to this scenario is that you need own the house for at least a few years in order to turn a profit. If you plan to only stay for a year and move again, it would probably be best that you rent instead of buy.


    How much is the property tax around Charlotte?

    Below, you can find a table of each city’s total property tax and what you can expect to pay if you bought a house valued at $150,000. If you want to calculate the property tax for a different price, simply take the tax rate and multiply it by the home’s price. Then move the decimal two places to the left (from the right).

    Charlotte Property Tax Examples: $150,000 Home

    Charlotte Waxhaw Matthews Weddington Marvin
    Tax Rate (per $100 valuation) 1.2844 1.0000 1.1332 0.8677 0.7100
    Property Tax Example $1,926.60 $1,500.00 $1,699.80 $1,301.55 $1,065.00


    Charlotte NC Investment Real Estate

    Should I invest in real estate around Charlotte, NC?

    Charlotte has a healthy real estate market and is a great location to invest in real estate. Homes are priced at a very affordable rate right now and with a strong economy like Charlotte’s, you’ll easily see a return in investment when you buy property here. We also know from market indicators that real estate values will most likely rise in the coming years. As Charlotte’s economic growth continues as estimated, so will the influx of demand in living here. As a result, it’ll make your real estate property worth more when you decide to sell.

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    Relocating to Charlotte, NC

    Moving to Charlotte NC

    What is the cost of living in Charlotte compared to New York?

    A lot of times, when people are moving to Charlotte, they often ask  how much it costs to live here — and the simple answer is: not very much. Charlotte overall has a lower cost of living compared to areas like New York City. Overall, the city’s cost of living is 10.7% less than the national average and 8.7% less than North Carolina’s average. So, if you’re looking for an affordable place to buy a home and live in, then Charlotte is an easy “yes.” Compared to what you’ll find in other communities in the nation, Charlotte is one of those few “big cities” that is actually really affordable.

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    Charlotte NC Drive Commute Times

    Is there a lot of traffic in Charlotte, NC?

    Like any other big, metropolitan area, there will be significant traffic during rush hour (which is why we created the Commute Map, as seen above). During regular hours, you probably won’t encounter too much traffic, but during the work week, you’ll come across some as you head in and out of downtown. And as you can note from the chart above, if you live inside the metropolitan area of Charlotte, you’ll most likely see a 15-25 minute commute to work. If you happen to live in the outside communities, you might experience a 30-45 minute commute.


    What jobs can I find in Charlotte, NC?

    Because Charlotte is an economic powerhouse, there are plenty of jobs across the area. Career fields could range from financial positions to local start-up opportunities. To make it simple, Charlotte most likely has a company that fits your career and work style. It’s just a matter of finding a chance to get hired. For a quick overview of the best places to work at in Charlotte, check out our top ten list (as rated by

    1. Insight Global
    2. Balfour
    3. Piedmont Community College
    4. Signature Consultants
    5. SABIC Innovative Plastics
    6. University of North Carolina
    7. Siemens Energy, Inc.
    8. HYATT House
    9. Crown Castle
    10. SABIC

    Charlotte’s largest employers include Carolinas HealthCare System, Wells Fargo Company, Bank of America, and US Airways. For more information on where you should live (in correlation to your workplace), contact us for suggestions.

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    What should I know if I’m moving to Charlotte, NC?


    Living in Charlotte, NC

    Charlotte NC Real Estate


    History & Today

    The Charlotte gold rush in 1799 brought thousands of miners and engineers to the city. This single event is credited with the establishment of the Charlotte Mint and the growth of Charlotte’s banking industry, now the second largest in the country. In addition, by the late 1920s, Charlotte leaders adopted a Colonial Revival style architecture as the single “acceptable” style for the city. Endless blocks in Myers Park, Eastover and Dilworth were developed with spectacular Colonial Revival style homes, where most are still standing today — making room for some interesting housing options.


    Climate and Outdoors

    Charlotte has a typical humid, sub-tropical southern climate with four distinct seasons that allow you to enjoy outdoor activities all year. For a relaxing day outside, head out to the McDowell Nature Center and Preserve. Spring and summer presents the perfect opportunity to visit Norman Lake or the Catawba River where you’ll enjoy boating, hiking, and camping. For a day of family fun, take the kids to Carowinds, a 100-acre amusement/water park with rides and live entertainment open year-round.


    Community Events in Charlotte, NC

    • Carolina Renaissance Festival
      October and November – Saturdays & Sundays
      At the largest renaissance festival in the country, you’ll enjoy family-friendly entertainment with musicians, an interactive circus, a jousting tournament and lots of great food.
    • Festival in the Park
      Early Fall – Sept 19 thru Sept 21
      Since 1964, this festival has provided a fun-filled day in Freedom Park to promote the arts. You can browse work from over 180 artist and craftsmen while you enjoy live music and local food.
    • Charlotte Oktoberfest
      Early Fall – Sept 27
      The Charlotte Oktoberfest, a 15-year premier beer festival, is a non-profit event that’s donated over $400,000 to local charities. With hundreds of breweries, there’s lots of beer and fun.


    Why You Should Live in Charlotte

    If thoughts of a relaxing porch swing, great southern food, and family-friendly atmosphere appeals to you, you’ll love living in Charlotte. Full of southern charm, friendly people, great schools and jobs, and exciting activities, Charlotte offers something for everyone. Whether you enjoy a night at the opera, a relaxing day of golf, or a park picnic with the kids, you’ll find it in Charlotte. With the perfect blend of southern history and progressive living, Charlotte is a great place to call home.

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