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    Moving to Charlotte NCMoving starts with finding the right house and the right community. Not one or the other. So, before you start digging through hundreds of homes for sale in Ballantyne, read what local real estate experts had to say about relocating to the area:

    Just beyond the looming skyscrapers and big city bustle of downtown Charlotte lies Ballantyne, NC. This neighborhood (which is technically a part of Charlotte) has a trendy, upscale appeal. Stretching beyond the lavish homes of Ballantyne are hundreds of high-end stores and beautiful parks. What’s more, it is located just minutes from downtown Charlotte, so the big city is always within arm’s reach. Jobs are plentiful in both metro Charlotte and within Ballantyne itself. Basically, every amenity is available if you decide to move to Ballantyne. For more information, click on any of the three resources below.

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    Ballantyne Real Estate

    Ballantyne NC Real Estate

    Is the real estate market healthy in Ballantyne? 

    Ballantyne is often considered one of Charlotte’s best neighborhoods to move to — and that’s a direct reflection of how healthy the real estate market is there. Homes don’t just come equipped with amazing amenities. They also hold strong property value, which is expected to only increase in the next few years. What makes Ballantyne’s real estate so desirable is its diversity. You can find any range of architecture or price range. Because of this, I would give Ballantyne’s real estate market an A+.


    Where should I live in Ballantyne?

    Though Ballantyne is a neighborhood of Charlotte, you can look for a home in one of the community’s smaller subdivisions. Some subdivisions I’d recommend include: Ballantyne Country Club, Piper Glen, Raintree, and Stone Creek Ranch. Each area has their own unique style and array of amenities. The best way to learn which real estate market would be best for you is to talk to one of our local experts. They can provide you in-depth knowledge on each subdivision and help pinpoint which homes would best suit you.

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    Ballantyne Rent vs Buy

    Is it better to rent or buy in Ballantyne?

    Because Ballantyne’s real estate market is heavily influenced by both single-family homes and townhouses, I wanted to show you the “Rent vs Buy” comparison for both. In general, it’s better to buy than rent in Ballantyne. If you’re considering a home, you’ll find it to be 31% cheaper to buy. If you’re looking at a townhouse, it’s around 40% cheaper to buy. These figures assume that you’ll be living in the property for several years, so if you only plan to live in Ballantyne for a year or two, it would probably be better to rent. Again, I would suggest consulting with one of our team members before making any decision.


    How much is the property tax around Ballantyne?

    Below, you can find a table of each city’s total property tax and what you can expect to pay if you bought a house valued at $150,000. If you want to calculate the property tax for a different price, simply take the tax rate and multiply it by the home’s price. Then move the decimal two places to the left (from the right).

    Charlotte Property Tax Examples: $150,000 Home

    Charlotte – Ballantyne Waxhaw Matthews Weddington Marvin
    Tax Rate (per $100 valuation) 1.2844 1.0000 1.1332 0.8677 0.7100
    Property Tax Example $1,926.60 $1,500.00 $1,699.80 $1,301.55 $1,065.00


    Ballantyne NC Investment Real Estate

    Should I invest in real estate around Ballantyne?

    I give Ballantyne’s real estate market an A+ investment grade because property values are continually appreciating in value. I know from one of my past clients that his property has appreciated 10% on top of the $550/month cash flow he gets for renting it out. Essentially, he’s paying off his mortgage while earning extra bucks (by renting his investment property). That’s a 14% return on equity — which is really good for the Charlotte area. Because of the growing demand to live in Ballantyne, I would definitely say Ballantyne is where you should invest in real estate.

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    Relocating to Ballantyne

    Moving to Ballantyne NC

    What is the cost of living in Ballantyne compared to New York?

    When people move to the Charlotte area, they are always caught by surprise at how affordable the area is. Charlotte and Ballantyne are some of the most affordable places in the state, and it clearly shows from the statistics. In general, your money goes further with real estate here (compared to the New York area). For the same home, it might cost upwards of $600k for a charming 3 bedroom/3 bath home in New York, but in Ballantyne you can easily find one for around $300k. Overall, groceries, utilities, and services (i.e. repairmen, etc) will be cheaper than what you find in the New England area.

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    Charlotte NC Drive Commute Times

    Is there a lot of traffic in Ballantyne?

    Traffic in Ballantyne is light. Of course, you come across the occasional congestion during rush hour, but if North Carolina is known for anything, it’s there highway systems. With plenty of thoroughfares and developed interstates, it’s easy to get to work and back. If you happen to work in downtown Charlotte, it shouldn’t take you longer than 30 minutes to get there. If you happen to work in Ballantyne itself, it should only take you 10 minutes to get to work.


    What jobs can I find in Ballantyne, NC?

    Ballantyne has seen a resurgence in career opportunities thanks to their Corporate and Medical Parks. A lot of people think Charlotte is the home for North Carolina’s major employers, but Ballantyne plays host to a number of great companies. Popular career fields that are typically hired in the area include medical professionals and financial/banking experts. Some companies you might recognize include: ESPN, Bank of America, LendingTree, the Ballantyne Medical Group, OrthoCarolina, and Carolina Asthma & Allergy.

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    What should I know if I’m moving to Ballantyne?


    Living in Ballantyne, NC

    Ballantyne Real Estate

    History & Today

    Unlike the rest of Charlotte, the neighborhood of Ballantyne hasn’t been around for centuries. In fact, Ballantyne did not exist at all until the mid-1990s, when a couple of ambitious land developers decided to provide the city of Charlotte with some major upgrades. A swath of virtually undeveloped land was chosen as the site for what would eventually become Ballantyne.

    Not only did the rapid property development in the area ensue, but so did a unique culture. The independent culture of the Ballantyne people quickly let them to stand out from the rest of Charlotte, so much so that the residents of the neighborhood are having serious discussions about breaking away from Charlotte and forming an independent city right now.


    Climate & Outdoors

    Although the culture of Ballantyne is independent from that of the rest of Charlotte, the climate here is not. Each year, the town experiences a wonderfully warm summer, a comfortable fall and spring season and a winter that rarely demands more than a medium-sized winter coat.


    Highly Rated Schools around Ballantyne, NC

    For the students of Ballantyne, academics come first. This is thanks to the many excellent schools in the surrounding area. Here are a few of the best schools near Ballantyne:

    Being a part of Charlotte, Ballantyne has access to some of the top colleges and universities in the nation. This includes standout public universities such as the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and historic private schools such as the Queens University of Charlotte. In total, there are dozens of colleges and universities that are mere minutes away from the homes of Ballantyne residents.


    Community Events in Ballantyne, NC

    Ballantyne’s annual events reflect the sense of community exuded by its people and culture. Here are a few of the events in the area that you simply cannot miss:

    • Samaritan’s Feet Annual Golf Tournament
      Held annually during the fall
      Every year in September, the Samaritan’s Feet International charity organization hosts a golf tournament at the Golf Club at Ballantyne. This is a great opportunity for residents to get together and enjoy a little friendly competition while helping to benefit a great cause. Event Website
    • Open Mic Night @ Sticky Fingers-Ballantyne
      Held every Thursday year-round
      Every Thursday, the Sticky Fingers-Ballantyne BBQ Restaurant hosts an open mic night from 7 pm until 10 pm. This has been an excellent karaoke event at which the residents of Ballantyne can have some fun with each other and enjoy some great food. Event Website
    • The Ballantyne Summer Concert Series
      Held annually during the summer, fall and spring
      From the beginning of April until the end of September each year, Ballantyne hosts a series of concerts every Friday and Saturday from 7 pm until 10 pm. The concerts are held at the following three locations: Promenade on Providence, Village Green in Blakeney, and StoneCrest. Event Website


    Why You Should Live in Ballantyne, NC

    Ballantyne, NC is the perfect escape from the bustle of Charlotte city life without losing access to the amenities and sense of community that the city is known for. This neighborhood is all about independence and enjoying a high quality of life. There are few places like Ballantyne in the world. You should join this community today!

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