Greater Charlotte $1M+ Homes Explore Luxury Real Estate In The Charlotte, NC Area!

    What $1M+ Homes Offer

    Are you looking for a home with top-of-the-line finishes? With plenty of space? With a yard that’s suitable for nearly any type of entertainment? You’ll find all of those things – and more – once you move into the $1M+ price range.

    A lot of homeowners think they’ll never need a home at that price point. However, as your family grows, you start to find that you need more space than a lower-priced home can possibly offer. You need the extra bedrooms and the finished basement. You need plenty of seating in the kitchen and a master suite where you can get away. When you find yourself wishing for those kinds of finishes, it’s time to start looking at houses that are priced at $1M+ or more.


    1 Million Dollar Homes for Sale


    Amenities You’ll Find with $1M+ Homes

    When you look at homes in the $1M+ price range, you’ll find that there are amenities available that you just don’t find in lower-priced homes. Some of those amenities include:

    Functional living space. When you look at homes in the $1M+ price range, you’ll find that many of the homes make full use of all the available space. That means that finished basements are the norm and not the exception. Patios and decks are usually styled just as carefully as a room inside the home. No corner of the house has been ignored.

    Master retreats. In your current home, you probably have a master bedroom with a master bath, but could you call it a master suite? Is it truly a retreat for you to get away? In the $1M+ range, great attention is paid to the master living area. Bathrooms are given spa amenities. Closets are large enough to serve as sitting and changing areas. Your master suite is truly a place for you to get away.

    The finest finishes. You shouldn’t need to make any upgrades or finishes after you move into your new $1M+ home. Of course, you can certainly make them if you want to, but you’ll likely find that the home has everything you’re looking for. Granite counters, crown molding, hardwood floors – these are all standard features in a $1M+ home.

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    Neighborhoods with $1M+ Homes

    There are a couple of neighborhoods in the area that have a high number of $1M+ homes available:

    Myers Park: Known for its stately homes and quiet, tree-lined streets, Myers Park is one of Charlotte’s most affluent neighborhoods. It was built with the intent of being a secluded enclave away from the bustle of the city. In the $1M+ range, you’ll likely find some very nice townhomes as well as some single-family residences. Click Here to Explore Myers Park Real Estate

    The Point: If you love the water, The Point is the neighborhood for you. Nestled along the banks of Lake Norman, The Point features waterfront homes that with only the finest amenities and finishes. Spend a day on the lake and then dock your boat right off your backyard. Click Here to Explore The Point Real Estate


    Why You Should Live in a $1M+ Home

    Are you ready for a house that’s just done? It doesn’t need any work. It doesn’t need any upgrades. It’s just ready for you to live in and enjoy life. That’s what a $1M+ home offers. To learn more about $1M+ homes in the Charlotte area, contact your trusted real estate agent.


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