FAQ: Selling Your Home in Charlotte, NC

    Selling Your Home

    Selling your home is a big move — literally. Dozens of homebuyers will be looking at your home in the next few months, and you’ll be gearing up to move into a new house. But not everyone is sure how to handle the home selling process. A lot of times, my clients ask “What should we do?” or “What do I need to do to get my home sold?” So, before you start worrying about people looking at your home, here are my recommendations:


    What is my role in selling my house?

    A: You are not a standby passenger to selling your house. Your role is actually the most important, because it’s up to you to make the hard decisions and to make your home appealing to homebuyers. Here are some things you can do to help sell your home:

    • Maintain the property & keep it presentable
    • Communicate with your agent openly
    • Remove or lock up valuables
    • Secure any pets
    • Make sure the property is available for showings


    What is the most important factor to selling my house?

    A: In my opinion, selling your house revolves around price. Almost every buyer starts their home search with a price range. If you’re home isn’t priced right, no one is going to look at your property (and subsequently sit on the real estate market). Or if you happen to price it too low, you could lose tremendous amounts of money. That’s why I think pricing is the most important factor to selling your house.


    How much is my home worth?

    A: There are a lot of variables that determine a home’s price tag — and those variables are always shifting in value. A home’s value is usually determined by the home’s condition, location, amenities, and current market values. Your real estate agent can share a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) with you on how other homes are selling, and provide you with their own expert opinion.

    If you’d like to do some research yourself, you can check view your home’s value with our free online tool:

    Charlotte Home Value

    When is the best time to sell my house?

    A: There are a lot of strong opinions on when to sell a house, but honestly, you should do it when you’re ready. Good selling strategies will get your house sold anytime of the year. Some seasons may see an influx in buyers, but if other homeowners know that, you’ll also face similar competition. So, I always advise my clients to sell their house when they feel ready.


    Should I make repairs on my house before selling?

    A: The short answer: Yes! Any flaw will be seen by buyers, and it will serve as their excuse to ask for a lower price (if they don’t just leave and make no offer). Fix any issues you might have around your house, such as scuffs in the paint or ill-managed yards.

    The key thing to remember about this is that I’m recommending to make repairs to any problems with your property. Doing renovations is another story. A lot of homeowners think if they re-do their living rooms and add “these” extra features, they’ll be able to get a lot more money for their house — but that is rarely what happens. If your kitchen or bathroom is really outdated, I would suggest remodeling it to an extent, but otherwise, I wouldn’t renovate your house unless it’s adding more square footage. Nine times out of ten, you won’t recuperate your costs. Do what needs to be done, to get your home sold.


    What should I do to get my house ready?

    A: Clean your house. First impressions are key in selling a property, and you literally have six seconds (i.e. the time from the buyer walking through your front door). If they see junk lying on the floor, toys hanging around the living areas, or just a bunch of stuff on the kitchen counters, they’re going to start thinking negative things. Once they walk that line of thought, it’ll be a fight to get them to buy your house.

    Remove any clutter around the house and do a little homework about home staging. Everyone understands you have a lot of stuff, but if you’re getting ready to move, why not just pack those things up and store them somewhere else? Make your home presentable, and never give a buyer an excuse not to make an offer.


    Looking for more answers?

    A: If you still have some questions about selling your house, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m available to talk over any concerns or possible selling strategies.

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